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1986/87 Neu Rot

1988 Leipzig

1989 Hannover

1993 Leipzig

1995 Dresden

1996 Nijmegen

1996 Amsterdam

1997 Hamburg

2003 Leipzig

2003 Höfgen

2005 Leipzig

2013 Leipzig

2014 Leipzig

2014 Berlin

2014 Hannover

2016 Leipzig

2016 Chemnitz

2016 Leipzig

2016 Munich

2016 Döben

2016 Hamburg

2017 Leipzig

2017 Leipzig

2017 Leipzig

2017 Döben

2018 Leipzig

2018 Hamburg

2018 Berlin

2019 Hamburg

2019 Halle

2019 Leipzig

2019 Munich

2020 Amsterdam

2020 Augsburg


April 24th 2016 6pm
RFTS Springparty: “Fischbar”, Georg-Schwarz-Straße 109, Leipzig


THE OVAL LANGUAGE voice & drum

Klaus-Peter John *1960, lives in Leipzig

HANS ESSEL “Saitensack”

Saitensack is the development of new ways of playing (music?) for violin or viola. The instruments are neither specially prepared nor amplified. Essel developed the idea that playing the violin means: the violin plays. Ergo: the violin is played so that the violin plays. The strings are not held down, but subdued. Through a special bow technique natural oscillations are stimulated. Only through direction of the bow is the sound formation influenced, which is otherwise left to chance, or to the violin.

Hans Essel *1948, lives in Darmstadt


Fence, spoons, flute, voice, field recordings, speakers, …

Anna Schimkat *1974 and Michael Barthel *1977, live both in Leipzig

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